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    how the pool scene rlly went

  •  -stayin' alive plays
  • jim: hello?
  • seb: ur high score on flappy bird is 12, right?
  • Jim: yes of course it is what dyou want?
  • seb: i just got 13
  • seb: 13 mothafucker
  • seb: yea, its not like its hard, i found a cheat
  • jim: so if u have wht you say u have ill make u rich nd if u dont ill make u into shoes
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w  a  r    i  s    w  a  r ; 

but killing a man at a wedding? horrid.
what sort of m o n s t e r, would do such a thing?
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Game of Thrones S04E02

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“Women are told it is unfeminine and gross to have muscles and to cultivate strength, which in turn leads them to actively avoid doing things that will build muscles and strength, which then makes them even less capable of doing things that require strength, which the critics then use as proof of women’s inherent physical frailty. And so the cycle continues…”

Women’s difficulty with pull-ups is about more than biology | Fit and Feminist (via rememo)

And I always want to point out here: women, on average, possess more lower-body strength, while men, on average, possess more upper-body strength. There’s a lot of overlap and it isn’t always individually applicable, but that’s the generalization, averaging across the population.

But we SOCIALLY value upper-body strength, and upper-body muscles. So we construct women as weaker, because we refuse to measure them on the body parts where they may be stronger, we devalue those.

Lifting is mostly done with the legs. So women may be as good or better at heavy lifting as men. But we socially construct lifting as having to do with large, muscular arms and chests. You don’t really need powerful arms and chests to lift—you need powerful thighs, otherwise you’re gonna throw your back out. We actually lie about what makes a person strong and capable to favor men.

Push-up and pull-ups are upper-body strength exercises. So they’re socially valued. The military doesn’t tell you to do 20 squats as penance. No one is fucking impressed by all the squats you can do. Squats just sound stupid, hah, squats. We laugh at them because women might be better at them than men, on average. They’re worthless.

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This stuff plays into all sorts of other body image problems, too. The body weight that’s regarded as ideal for women, for example, is really only achievable for individuals suffering from mild to moderate muscular atrophy. You literally can’t get there just by shedding fat - you also have to let your muscles waste away. We actually regard it as “normal” for a woman to be suffering from muscular atrophy.

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For the last six months I’ve been actively working towards doing pull-ups. I can squat fairly easily with 100lbs (could do more if my knees weren’t so wonky) and do all sorts of similar weights with other leg machines but my arms are weak as hell (see above). I’ve been lifting with all parts of my body but generally focusing on gaining strength in areas where I was particularly weak before, which is mostly in my arms. I can now lift more with my arms than ever before but am still far from being able to pull up my own body weight. And yet, too often, when I try to talk to female friends about this goal I get weird looks and talks about how I shouldn’t “bulk up.” When did we decide to start telling each other it was weird to want to be strong? Why should that be a thing that potentially makes me less attractive? It’s a good thing I just don’t give a shit.

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I’m posting this gif almost entirely because of this mans untuck…

dbz landing.

for a while i thought this was just reversed, but then i realised that you can’t reverse the landing.. WHAT THE FUCK. How you do that son?!

i can barely get out of bed without tripping

and then there’s this asshole

This is some graceful, superhero shit right here. 

e z

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「 The 4 Military Divisions. 」
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Fangirl challenge [10] Tv shows Community

the reason I know that respect is a tool is because it clearly is not a natural thing and we forget to use it all the time and then we start to compete with each other and exploiting each other and humiliating each other and controlling each other and we lose each other and without each other we’ll go extinct and that’s a fact. 

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